Having a website can be a great way to promote your business. But if your website content is not converting visitors into sales, consider rewriting it to better suit your business. Here are a few things on how to rewrite website content.

" how to rewrite website content"

Formatting your Website Content to Make it Easy to Scan

Using good formatting for website content will help your users find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. It can boost conversion rates and make your site look more unified and consistent.

One of the best ways to format a page is to use headings and sub-lists. Headers are bolder than the rest of the content and create a clear headline between paragraphs. They also make key information bigger and easier to scan.

When it comes to lists, you should break them up into bullet points. These bullet points are easy to read and naturally break up the text. Numbers and visual aids, such as graphs and original photographs, may accompany them.

Another way to make content easier to scan is to use plain language. Plain language avoids overly technical terms and uses simple words, phrases, and concepts your audience is familiar with. It’s also a good idea to keep your sentences short. Longer sentences overwhelm readers and cause them to skip over the more important information.


Using the Skyscraper Technique

Using the skyscraper technique to rewrite website content can be effective for increasing organic search traffic and earning editorial links. This method involves finding popular content that has yet to perform well and then improving it. Often, the original content was poorly promoted, or the visual presentation was poor. But you can use this strategy to enhance existing content as well.

The main linchpin of the skyscraper technique is email outreach. You send out emails to people who have linked to similar content. These emails should be aimed at specific groups. The more people who link to your piece, the more likely your piece will be seen by a larger audience.

The skyscraper technique is usually applied to informational content. You can use Google to find top-performing content and then use your domain overview tool to see which competitors have pages driving traffic to your site.

Once you have found a piece you want to rewrite, you can begin promoting it. It is time-consuming, but it’s essential to ensure the right people see your content.


Choosing the Right Keywords to Target

When rewriting website content, choosing the right keywords to target is essential for improving your page’s rankings and traffic. Using unique keywords for every page helps ensure that your site is distinct from other sites for the same keyword.

It is essential to know what users want before you can choose the right keywords for your website content. It is also essential to use keywords that aren’t too competitive, especially if your site is new.

Using Google’s keyword planner is an excellent way to estimate how many people are searching for a particular term. However, a keyword research tool can give you more detailed information, including search volume and cost per click.

You can also perform a competitor subfolder gap analysis to find the best keywords to target. If you work for Fellerman Law Group, for example, you could identify target keywords by reviewing the subfolder of your competitors’ websites.


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