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Problems with Building an

Internal Marketing Team

Problem #1 

Finding rare world-class managers with strong leadership ability that can wear 12-15 hats and who manage digital specialists to ensure exceptional quality service, performance, and results every time. 

Problem #2

If everything goes smoothly it would likely take a skilled internal Marketing Manager 6-12 months to hire and train the right 5-8 talented specialists, and to systematize processes and procedures. And then work together to seamlessly implement, test, measure, optimize, and adapt thousands of moving parts across multiple platforms ongoing for a single multichannel campaign.

If you choose to build an internal marketing team, you will have my sincerest respect for undertaking this endeavor!

Digital Specialist Co. Is Your Key to Guaranteed Business Growth

The Solution


How about a full multi-channel digital campaign fully launched within a month, roughly for the cost of one or two North American individual hires? With us, you get an entire team with exemplary leadership and care for your project.


Work with the creative experts to create multichannel campaigns that accurately reflect the personality and tone of your company. Campaigns that match your company’s brand identity, are consistent in style, and are complementary to your product or service. Our specialists do brilliant web and print design, funnel development, and branding, too.


Multi-channel campaigns allow you to reach a greater number of potential customers. It is the law of large numbers. Let us create the best custom strategy that will help you gain leads at the fastest rate from multiple sources to fill your sales pipeline or ecommerce checkout all day long.


With multichannel, your ability to reach a larger audience is increased exponentially. Reach a large number of people with a highly personalized message tailored to your particular brand and product. Plus every aspect of the entire campaign is measurable. And we can keep improving what we can measure!


We are a top-talent team able to save you whopping amounts of time, energy, (and money), too. We are by far your simplest path to growth and success. Leave your marketing to honest, good, hardworking people who are killer experts at what we do. Finally, running your business, while continuing to grow it, is easier than ever before.

Choose the best help possible.

That’s us.

Integrated Multichannel Benefits:


A multichannel marketing campaign is also more flexible than other forms of marketing, since it allows you to reach customers at different levels of the buying cycle.


Expand your business and increase your market share. Get the law of large numbers to work in your favor. Receive highly-targeted and relevant traffic from multiple sources to explode conversions.


Targeted multichannel marketing allows you to provide your clients with a customized experience. Provide different products and services according to the profile of each customer.


Form a tighter relationship with prospects and leads. Gain more potential customers and improve conversion rates.


Targeted multichannel marketing allows you to cater to specific needs of each customer segment and form stronger relationships which result in a higher ROI.


A multichannel campaign requires a considerable amount of time and resources. While most traditional advertising methods only allow for daily or weekly campaigning, a multichannel campaign goes a step further as it requires extensive marketing activities to be conducted on a continuous basis. Proper integration of all of these activities results is difficult but necessary for the most efficient and effective campaign.

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