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We’re proud to offer premium White Label digital marketing services, meticulously designed to empower your business with superior quality and retention.

Our unique approach to digital marketing is centered around hands-on quality and retention. Rather than relying solely on algorithms and automation, our expert team personally oversees every project. This approach allows us to maintain a keen eye for detail, ensuring that our service quality remains unmatched in the industry.

We're All About Leadership

Ryan Arnfinson | CEO Digital Specialist Co.

Ryan Arnfinson | CEO

From Calgary Canada, Ryan has 18+ years of digital marketing experience. Former VP of Fulfillment at

A positive force that leads revenue growth and profitability through communication, respect, and integrity. Proven ability to combine vision, creativity, and strong business acumen with well-developed project management and leadership qualities to support actionable sales and marketing efforts, product launches, and branding initiatives to achieve results-based success and measurable value.

Ryan Arnfinson – Digital Consultant Resume PDF:

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Vaibhav Kandpal | COO

From Delhi India, Vaibhav has 11+ years of digital marketing agency experience including SEO, PPC, and social media execution and project management.

Known for his innovative strategies, Vaibhav also brings a keen analytical mind to his digital marketing roles. He utilizes data-driven insights to tailor campaigns, optimizing for customer engagement and business growth. His ability to lead diverse teams towards common objectives underlines his exceptional leadership and communication skills.

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Luisa Tomas | CFO

From Lima Peru, Luisa has 7+ years of financial administration and support experience. Graduated from Universidad de Lima for Business Administration.

An embodiment of professionalism, Luisa infuses her Peruvian tenacity and warmth into her role, ensuring seamless financial processes. Her Business Administration degree from Universidad de Lima serves as a bedrock for her informed decision-making, while her years of experience provide her with the foresight to identify and tackle fiscal challenges with grace.

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We’re All About Relationships and Results

Digital Specialist Co. is not just another digital marketing agency. We’re a partner invested in your growth. A partner committed to helping you harness the power of digital marketing to drive tangible, lasting success.


Why Trust Us?

  1. We are trustworthy. (Feel free to ask around)
  2. Awesome team of 20+ Digital Specialists includes decades of experience.
  3. Integrity mean everything to us.
  4. We work hard.
  5. We provide reliable communication updates & transparency.
  6. Deep commitment to your best ROI.
  7. Focused on your business growth with honest, friendly, and a partner mindset.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Experience: We bring years of digital marketing experience to the table. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, across various industries, and have a proven track record of success.

  2. Customization: Our solutions are not off-the-shelf. They are meticulously crafted to suit your unique business needs and goals.

  3. Innovation: We continuously evolve our strategies and tools to stay ahead of digital marketing trends. With us, you are always one step ahead of your competition.

  4. Results-Driven: We measure our success by your success. We don’t just promise results; we deliver them.


Join 35+ Trusted Partners

Martin Crumlish

Owner &

“I hired Ryan to create the training videos for my platform and it was one of the easiest experiences I have ever had when getting some work completed. All I had to do was give some basic guidance and Ryan took care of the rest. Everything was done very professionally, and I found Ryan to be a very good communicator who did what he said he would do, and a lot more beyond. I’d be happy to recommend his services.”

Jeev Trika


“One of the highest quality resources we have ever used; incredibly diligent, focused, and meticulous.”

Sandra Proseilo

Program Manager Vantage Community Services

The work is of the highest caliber and is consistently delivered in a timely and thorough manner. Being a non-profit organization it’s so important that we receive the most possible for our dollar and Ryan always gives amazing value for outstanding service. At the end of the day the greatest statement that we can make regarding this working relationship is that we trust Ryan and his company to operate with integrity and understanding and to provide professional services that always meet our needs.”

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Experience Matters

With extensive expertise in optimized website development and digital marketing, our digital agency crafts optimal business solutions enhancing your online presence.

Dedicated Specialists

Our digital agency houses dedicated digital marketing professionals, ensuring your WordPress site gains visibility and business success.

We’re Always Getting Better

Committed digital marketing professionals in our digital agency constantly improve, ensuring your business reaps evolving benefits.

Relationships & Results

Digital Specialist Co. cultivates relationships, delivering results that propel your business towards sustained success.

We Play Fair

Digital Specialist Co. operates ethically, emphasizing fairness in all business practices for trustworthy partnerships.

It's not your ordinary marketing campaign it's a solution.

Convert 2-4x More Possibilities Into Opportunities Through Marketing Intelligence

Get a lead generation & tracking solution that raises you above the competition.

Digital Specialist Co. delivers 2-4x value & partners long term.

Want honest & friendly? Talk to the CEO

“We care about our customers and earn your trust, keeping it with our exceptional insight, reliable communication, and quantifiable value. It is a privilege to partner with your company.” – Ryan Arnfinson, CEO | Digital Specialist Co.