g Hi, my name is Ryan Arnfinson and I can provide you honest digital marketing services that are 100% measurable.

I am an entrepreneur, husband, and soon to be father. Trustworthy, extremely diligent, meticulous and hard working, You can always count on my professionalism and communication to be truly reliable.

Actually I’m confident you could ask anyone who’s ever met me whether I am trustworthy, and they will verify it’s true. And I hope integrity means as much to you as it does for me…

From search engine optimization, to content creation, video production, web development, brand development, ecommerce, contest marketing, Google and Facebook ads, Google analytics, conversion rate optimization and just about everything in between I have succeeded wearing many hats as a professional helping small and large brands.


– Seach engine optimization

– Content marketing

– Social media marketing

– Pay per click advertising

– Contest marketing

– Email marketing

– Web design

– Plus more. Just ask!


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Ryan Arnfinson

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It’s an amazing feeling to know we honestly deliver  complex multi-channel campaigns with ease. Reach out to learn how we can get your business to the next level quickly and sustain this growth. You will be super happy with your ROI.

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“Honest business is all about trust, yet, it is earned. So, just to start, I kindly invite you to give us the benefit of the doubt in this regard. And you will see how quickly we can earn your trust (and always keep it) with our exceptional insight, reliable communication, and masterful skill at executing multi-channel campaigns for a substantial ROI. A more accurate question is how much business growth can you handle?”

Ryan Arnfinson

CEO | Digital Specialist Co.