Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors

Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors

Property managers, landlords, property owners, and business owners need to feel confident that they can trust their project managers to deliver quality work on time and at an affordable price. A contractor lead generation strategy is essential if you want to increase trust in your company and get more contracts.

Why Lead Generation is Important for Contractors

Transactions can be quick and simple for some businesses like e-commerce shops. This is not the case for contractors in building and renovation.

Property owners need to be confident that their contractor will meet their needs and do so reliably and economically. There are many potential clients to which there is a business, so they need to do their research before making a choice.

Lead generation is important because it allows you to narrow your focus to qualified leads and sharpen your value proposition. It also helps leads learn more about your business and have more confidence in their decision to hire your firm. There are many best lead generation websites for contractors which provide lead generation for contractors.

Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors

  1. Google My Business
  2. Facebook Business
  3. Yelp
  4. Houzz
  5. Bing places for business


Many contractors rely on lead generation companies to get lead services for contractors. However, digital marketing allows your business to reduce its dependence on lead-generation sites while still attracting high-quality leads.

How to Attract More Leads for Contractors with Inbound Marketing?


The inbound methodology is based on attraction marketing and uses various non-intrusive techniques to prospect offering benefits and digital assets to users so that they are interested in your offer and educate themselves until they are ready to buy.

How is the Lead Generation Process with Inbound Marketing?

Typically, leads are generated when there is an exchange of valuable information. Let\’s explain in depth the process of generating leads through inbound marketing.

  • A person finds your business through one of your marketing channels, be it your website, your social networks, or your blog. Then it becomes a visitor.
  • Then he is browsing to find out about your offer and clicks on one of your calls to action (CTA).
  • Finally, you are redirected to a landing page where you fill out a form and, in exchange for your data, you get valuable content: a guide, template, etc.

Under this logic, it seems easy to get leads, the issue is that prospects must perceive enough value to provide their information, and, for this, you need to implement the best lead-generation strategies.

Top 3 Inbound Strategies for Digital Lead Generation

Keep in mind that most leads are not ready to buy and regularly, when they are in the early stages of the buying cycle, they seek to educate themselves and find out about your offer.

If you have valuable digital assets, that is, downloadable offers that explore into specific problems or challenges related to your product and/or service and the needs of the buyer, it will be easier to move it forward within your funnel.

In this way, you will have multiple useful and valuable resources to nurture your leads until they are qualified prospects, without the need to contact and interrupt them in an invasive way.

1. Landing pages: 24/7 digital sellers

The goal of a landing page is lead conversion. And to achieve this, it must be specific, so it is not advisable to mix products and/or services but to create one for each offer. This way you will be able to better capture, segment, and qualify your leads.

Another important point for your landing pages is SEO optimization since when a page is positioned organically, it generates more traffic and is of better quality.


 Likewise, you must take care of the loading speed that can be friction that pushes your visitors to leave the page, not to mention the responsive design that must be adapted to mobile devices.

2. Forms: Among the hundreds of leads, find the ones that are of quality

To improve the experience of your potential customers and reduce the friction that could cause them to leave your website or abandon your landing page, it is necessary to optimize your forms. Minimize the number of fields and request only the essential information to qualify your leads, to reduce the effort they invest in filling out their data. Logically order the criteria so that it flows like a conversation so that the user completes them intuitively.

Distinguish required fields from those that are not. It includes an alternative to autocomplete the fields that have been stored in the browser or through cookies.

3. Digital Channels: Generate Demand in a Scalable Way


To increase lead generation, you can also strategically take advantage of the different marketing channels you have.

  • Blog. Through blog posts, you can disseminate your downloadable offers, according to the stage of the purchase journey of your buyer personas and the content that you are developing in that article.
  • PPC or cost per click. The efficiency of your PPC campaigns, that is, the paid ads that appear in the search engine results, depend mainly on ensuring a friction-free flow for the user, as well as the budget you have and the keywords which you select to attract them.
  • Social media. In social media, you can promote and spread your digital assets (blog posts, downloadable offers, etc.) and include attractive CTAs in your copies to attract the attention of your potential customers.

Now that you know the most relevant and effective strategies to improve lead generation, it\’s time to put them into practice. Would you like to receive the best contractor lead services to sell more through inbound marketing? Contact us!

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