You have 2 options here, either work and partner up with a social media management company that typically charges monthly, or you can opt out and choose to hire a freelancer who usually charges by the hour. Do take note that pricing will not always be on an hourly or per-project basis since there are some social media companies that offer monthly price packages for a standard set of services. This can take a weight off your shoulders as you can easily plan month-to-month budgets this way.

When creating a pricing strategy, you should first determine your business’s goals and objectives. Whether your goals are to increase revenue or convert prospects, an experienced marketing agency can help you achieve your objectives. This will help you create the perfect social media marketing firm’s pricing strategy.

how much do social media managers cost

How much do social media managers cost? The most basic and common pricing strategy is a monthly retainer. In this model, the agency shares rewards with the business owner. This model can work in a variety of ways. Some of these include a monthly fee, a fixed fee, or a performance fee.

An agency may also charge a flat fee. This is similar to a flat price for a project. However, if the agency has a large portfolio of clients, it can be difficult to determine the price. The flat rate may be a good option for low-risk services, but it is not the best option for long-term projects.

Freelance vs paid social media advertising

Whether you’re planning on hiring a freelance social media manager or a paid social media advertising agency, you’ll want to take some time to consider your options. Freelance social media managers are independent business owners who provide a variety of services. They may charge a flat rate, by project, or on an hourly basis. A paid social media advertising agency is a company that charges a monthly fee.

Having a good social media manager is crucial for growing a business. Social media provides a platform for companies to cultivate a unique brand identity. Having a strong social media presence is also important for keeping customers happy.

Social media experts can provide an estimate of the hourly rate they can charge. These professionals can also charge a flat rate. Some social media professionals also charge per-project basis. The price of a social media manager will depend on the size of the business and the scope of the project.

When you’re hiring a social media manager, make sure to do your research. Find out what kind of work experience the person has, and whether their past clients were happy with their service. Also, make sure the person can stay on top of deadlines. You should be able to get a detailed engagement plan and timeline in writing.


Are Social Media Marketing Tools a Cheaper Alternative?

If your staff are skilled at social media and have the capacity to focus on this for at least an hour a day, as well as being in tune with the ever-changing trends of the industry, using social media tools could be a good option for your business. They’ll allow you to essentially replace the manual effort of tasks like being online to post at desired times and logging into various accounts one by one. As you’re using your own or your staff’s time, you’ll only need to pay the monthly fees for tools. This saves you the agency’s retainer fee. General pricing for social media management tools will vary on the number of users and the number of social channels you’re posting across. That’s why costs can vary as wide as $0 – $1,933 a month.


Lasting Impressions On How Much Does A Social Media Manager Cost

The lowest you can get away with spending for social media management would approximately be around $250 a month including the Social High Rise. Do remember, that doesn’t include any custom-created social posts with relevant hashtags and captions. For 4 of these per month, you can expect to pay $290 – $300 to a freelance contractor. The services of a highly-rated social media marketing firm can start at around $1,500 a month.

The easiest way to get a clear price is by comparing free, tailored quotes from social media experts themselves – remember that investing in an effective social media marketing campaign can bring your business more customers and sales, as well as attract online traffic to your website.


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