How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Social Media?

The first question you might ask if you want to promote your business on social media is, how much does it cost to advertise on social media? Over 200 million people use Instagram every day. There is also over one profile per business. Advertising on Instagram is more expensive than advertising on Facebook and other social networks. Before you make a decision, it’s best to find out how much Instagram ads cost. Below are some different ways you can target your audience using Instagram.

Determine Your ROI 

The first way to estimate the cost of social media advertising is to determine your ROI (return on ad spend). Facebook requires you to set a budget for impressions, clicks, and conversion goals. Aim for a 4:1 ROI, or $4 revenue for every dollar of ad spend. Advertising on social media is expensive, depending on your target audience and industry. However, you can achieve an ROI of up to 100 percent if the budget exceeds what is recommended.


Facebook and Twitter offer different advertising options. Some platforms, like Instagram, let you create a profile for social media marketing. The cost of advertising on social media depends on several factors. CPC prices for brands that advertise loans will be higher than those that sell T-shirts. Regardless of your chosen platform, it would be best to always aim for a positive ROI on social media.


Facebook Advertising 

Facebook allows for the creation of ads on its business accounts. You can select keywords and place your location to target your audience. Each social media network has its pricing policy and ad costs. Facebook is the most used social media platform for advertising, with over 2.9 billion users. Facebook’s CPC averages $0.27. Facebook offers advertising options that allow you to set a budget per person for all of your campaigns.


Automatic Bidding 

Advertisers can place ads on Instagram but cannot control how many people view or click on your ads on a particular day. It’s tricky, but you can set a maximum bid, and the average cost per result will be higher. A maximum budget of $5 can result in an overspend of up to $11 per result, depending on your industry. The best option is to experiment with automatic bidding, as it will allow you to see which one is most effective.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Social Media?


Make Sure To Do Some Research First

If you want to spend $20,000 on advertising on social media, you should do some research first. Market research is a great way to find out more about your target audience and help you create a social media campaign that works. You can also try out cheaper social media advertising campaigns for a lower price. You should budget your social media marketing strategy, regardless of whether you are looking to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Advantages of Advertising on Social Media 

Although advertising on social media can be expensive, once you know how to calculate ROI, it will be easy to decide if the investment is worth it. Advertising on social media can allow you to engage customers on a platform they already use. Also, you should measure the cost per customer acquisition. It is an excellent way to interact with your customers on their preferred platform, whether you have an online shop or a physical store.


You Can Also Hire an Agency to Handle Your Advertisements 

The cost of social media advertising varies, but the cost of Facebook ads, for example, can cost between $200 and $350 per day. However, it depends on the platform and the objectives of your campaign. You can choose to do this work yourself or hire an agency to handle the advertising for you. In addition, you can choose how many social media channels you want to advertise on and whether you want to use a cost-per-lead model or not.



LinkedIn is the best choice if you’re looking for a more targeted audience. It costs around six cents per click and allows you to target users by demographics. But it costs more than Facebook. Twitter costs about twenty cents per thousand views, which makes it much more expensive than Facebook. However, it’s worth considering that these prices do not mean a thing if you do not have a social media strategy and fail to use it.

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