How Much Does It Cost To Put An Ad On Instagram?

You’re probably wondering: how much does it cost to put an arbitrary ad on Instagram or How Much Does It Cost To Put An Ad On Instagram. The answer varies depending on your goals. Instagram offers several types of ads, including per-day and lifetime. You can also choose between cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions. You can also choose between automatic bidding and manual bidding. Instagram optimizes your ads for the best results, but you should pay attention to how much they cost.


The Cost Varies Depending On Your Target Demographic

The costs of Instagram ads can vary widely depending on your target demographic. To reach a primarily B2-B audience, you’ll have to pay more. Since Instagram has fewer users than businesses, there is high competition on the platform. Prices also vary depending on the time of year, as heavier advertising periods are generally more expensive. Therefore, if your target demographic is a holiday, you may want to limit your ad budget to a few hundred dollars daily.


Set a Budget For Your Ad Campaign

Several factors determine the costs of Instagram advertising. First, you’ll need to set a budget for your ad campaign. The amount you set for your budget will determine how much your ad will cost since the higher the bid, the more likely your audience will be to engage. A high CTR means your ad will resonate with your audience. Conversely, low CTR means your ad will receive a few clicks.


In addition to ad placements, Instagram advertising can also be targeted. You can create lookalike audiences for your audience and target people based on their interests and behavior. Moreover, you can even bid for a lookalike audience of people similar to your current customers. Besides, pricing on Instagram advertising depends on the size of your budget. A small budget will be costly, as learning ad placement on Instagram will take longer.


It Will Also Depends on Your Industry 

The cost of an Instagram ad depends on your target audience and industry. Ads in heavily saturated markets will be more expensive than those in niche markets. Therefore, it’s important to do your research before you get started. This guide overviews Instagram advertising costs and helps you create a budget for your ad campaign. This guide will provide a step-by-step process for setting a budget and deciding on an ad type.


High-Quality Content 

One thing to keep in mind when calculating the cost of an Instagram ad is the quality of the content. While Instagram is known for its visual aesthetic, an ad with a stiff stock photo will stand out from the high-quality content on the platform. Therefore, focusing on quality content and creative best practices is important to get the most out of your Instagram ad budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Put An Ad On Instagram?


For ad targeting and the quality of the content, it’s essential to know the demographics of your target audience. Generally, you can expect an ad to cost between $0.20 and $2.00 per thousand impressions. However, the cost of targeting a certain audience is much higher than that of Facebook ads. You’ll pay a fixed amount per thousand impressions if your ad is highly relevant to the people you’re targeting.


Curated Audience 

There are many ways to improve the quality of your audience. Using a curated audience will improve your ad’s reach and ultimately make you more likely to make more sales. Instagram has many users who scroll down through photos and posts. In this way, your ad will be visible to those users. So, it’s crucial to tailor your copy to the type of audience you’re targeting.


The Higher The Bid, The Better 

How much does it cost to put an ad as mentioned above on Instagram? It varies depending on your goals and objectives: the higher your bid, the better. Higher bids will yield more clicks, but lower bids will cost less than those with a lower relevancy score. The cost to put an ad on Instagram is determined by the relevancy score, which measures how relevant the ad is to the users.


Optimize Your Ad’s Relevance Score 

Instagram is notoriously difficult to target. Its algorithms rely on a system called ad relevance. In other words, the more relevant your ad is to your target audience, the more likely it will be to get clicks and engagements. But you’ll still pay a higher rate if you don’t get clicks and engagements. To maximize your Instagram ad spend, optimize your ad’s relevance score.

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