Knowing how often should you post on Instagram to grow your following is essential if you want to see results. Several factors play into how often should you post, such as time of day, what type of content you post, and what kind of audience you are targeting.

how often should you post on instagram to grow

Automate the Process of Posting on Instagram

Using automation to post on Instagram can save you time and energy. It can also help you build a strong follower base and develop authentic relationships with your audience. These tools can also help you expand your reach and increase your revenue. But before you begin using them, you need to be aware of the pros and cons.



Forrester predicts that digital customer service interactions will increase by 40 percent over the next year. While this can be good for your brand’s reputation, it can also cause you to miss out on opportunities.

For example, you may receive fewer direct messages than you’d like, and you may be unable to respond to negative feedback effectively. If you use a tool that automates your responses, your posts could look robotic to your followers.

However, the benefits of automation far outweigh the disadvantages. You’ll be able to devote more time to strategic thinking and implementing your marketing plan. It will also enable you to create personalized content.


Determine the best and worst time to post

Choosing the best and worst time to post on Instagram can take time and effort. It is because different factors affect posting times. It includes location, industry, and audience.

Thankfully, there are tools available that can help you determine the best and worst times to post on Instagram. You can even experiment with different posting times to see which works best for you. These tools can also help you discover when your followers are most active.


Instagram Insights Tool

You can use the Instagram Insights tool to find out when your audience is online. It breaks down your data into a heat map so you can better understand your audience’s activity. Once you know your followers’ time zones, you can create a social media strategy. Whether you want to reach your target audience or grow your account, a well-planned social media strategy can help you achieve your goals.

Depending on your target audience, you may be surprised that a certain time is more important than others. Several times correlate with increased engagement on Instagram, including midnight, the weekend, and the weekdays.


Build a Tribe

Creating an Instagram tribe is a great way to grow your business. It helps boost your posts and connect with others who share your interests. It also provides a supportive community to help you with advice and information.

To create an Instagram tribe, you need to know your ideal reader. It would be best to research where your ideal readers hang out on Instagram.

You can begin by following influencers in your niche. It will give you an idea of the content they are sharing. Follow the hashtags they use and engage with their followers. You can also leave comments on their posts to build your relationship.

You can use hashtags to find people who are interested in your niche. You can also follow the admin of a group to get more information about the members.


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