Marketing and Advertising Trends of 2022

Unpredictability will be a key feature of the marketing and advertising trends of 2022. They will include more content and people-based strategies. These trends are also increasingly technology-driven. Marketers will need to collaborate with other departments to realize their marketing potential. These three trends are essential to keep an eye on. You’ll likely see resistance to automation and digitization. What could be the worst thing that could happen?



These are the five top marketing and advertising trends in 2022. You should also be aware of new digital channels. YouTube is a great place to build an audience. Email newsletters are another great source of information. The search algorithms are changing with more emphasis on context and user experience. Brands should deliver meaningful experiences to consumers in 2022 and not just rank high.


Digital Events 

Artificial intelligence will continue growing in popularity with more businesses using it to improve efficiency and accuracy; Artificial intelligence will continue to rise in popularity through 2022. Marketers will need to adapt their strategies accordingly. The future of marketing will be all about virtual events. They are a great way to build trust and brand awareness. Digital events will play an essential role in future advertising. A virtual event, for example, hosted online by marketers will enable them to connect with their target audience and generate leads.


Ad Tech Industry 

There have been many phases in the ad tech industry. It began with growth at any cost and then moved to retention, unit economics, and incrementality. It will be focusing on consolidation, marginality, and incrementality next year. It’s not surprising that AI tools have already changed the marketing and advertising landscape. It’s not surprising that marketers are using AI tools to create more efficient and effective advertising strategies.


Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and comfortable using their computers to communicate with each other, so they expect authentic messages from brands. 75% of consumers trust content made by ordinary people more than brands. Marketing professionals are now turning to social media to balance the two. The advertising industry is looking for ways to humanize brands through influencer marketing and social media. Some of these technologies have already shown promising results.


Advertising Through Social Media 

Facebook is still the largest social network in the world, with more than 2.9 billion active users monthly. However, marketers are moving away from it to use short-form platforms such as TikTok or Instagram Reels. TikTok, poised for the biggest challenges in scaling and moderating social media content, is not Facebook’s only punching bag. Marketers need to be ready for these changes.

Marketing and Advertising Trends of 2022


Facebook Ad 

Facebook’s name change to Meta was one of the most important news stories in 2021. This name change was important because Facebook is aiming high for the Metaverse, which enables users to experience augmented and virtual experiences through the internet. Brands should consider Metaverse’s advantages in their 2022 marketing strategies; it provides new performance metrics and allows for consumers to be engaged like never before. This trend could change marketing and advertising forever.



Social commerce is expected to grow, with brands working with micro-influencers to increase their ROI. According to the World Economic Forum, 91% of sponsored posts were created by micro-influencers last year. This trend is expected to continue into 2022. Celebrities’ roles in brand partnerships are changing, and influencers will become more important in advertising and marketing. Short-form videos will also continue to gain importance.



Stewart McGrenary, Freedom Mobiles’ director, says we should make mobile recycling more accessible. Brands should be inclusive to attract customers. JCPenney, which sells products for all ethnicities, recently launched an inclusive children’s clothesline. If this trend continues, more people will embrace diversity in advertising and marketing strategies.


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