The real estate sector has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But, digital channels and marketing offer us the chance to create strategies to help the sector float and overcome the current crisis.
The sale of real estate used to be limited to print media. Advertisements had to be placed in newspapers or on canvases outside properties. This has changed significantly since we have moved our lives to digital media.
Users who search for property online today do so from their homes, their phones, and their social media accounts. They ask for recommendations and analyzed all offers that they find on the main search engines. If you are a real estate agent or work in the industry, it is important to have a digital marketing strategy. Without it, you’ll be virtually a ghost leaving many clients.

The importance of social networks for real estate

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The way people communicate and search for information has changed dramatically thanks to social networks. Social networks account for 30% of all time spent browsing the Internet. This is largely due to the comments made by other users about products and services offered by companies. You can find more information than just in your website content.

Digital marketing for real estate agents

Real estate agents are expanding their presence on social media to find potential clients. Their profitability will improve, their business opportunities will increase, and they will remain in the sector.
You must be able to do it. Send security and confidence to potential clients by being present in their minds these are two essential aspects of real estate management. Social media can help you humanize and showcase your values and show how you achieved them.

Social media marketing for real estate

A new way to communicate with customers. You can use social media to get firsthand information about the opinions of your customers, their acceptance, and whether they would like to make improvements before you launch them on the marketplace. It’s also a way for you to directly serve your customers.
The Internet can be a powerful tool for promoting products, websites, or services. They can help you build trust and credibility, as well as strengthen your agency’s reputation. To achieve your goals, you need a proper real estate social media marketing plan.

Five advantages of social media marketing in real estate

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The following paragraphs will explain the benefits of a real estate marketing strategy and the components it contains.
1.- Save time and money
There are many tools available to real estate digital marketing that can help you maximize your resources and increase sales. This is a huge time-saving as well as cost savings.
Digital marketing is a great way to attract potential clients. Your users can “visit” properties online without having to schedule appointments with agents. These materials have another advantage: clients who inquire about the properties will be better profiled and more qualified, which saves you time and money.
2.- Conversion visitors into leads
Inbound marketing, for example, allows you to attract more qualified customers (leads). We need to provide valuable information to our clients to convert their visits to your site into leads. With this, you can offer a more personal follow-up. It will be easier for you to get potential clients to sign up by using landing pages and forms.
3.- Make your real estate visible
Your digital marketing strategy should include all the resources necessary to help real estate have greater visibility and be recognized in digital channels.
Social networks: You can connect with your potential customers through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They allow you to interact with them and keep in contact. This facilitates communication and allows you to answer their concerns.
  • SEM campaigns: These campaigns are designed to bring qualified traffic to your site to buy a property. It’s one of the most important real estate social media strategy steps.
  • SEO campaigns: These will position your website organically in search engines, making it easier to be found by users.
  • Mailing campaigns: The data that you have will allow you to keep in touch with your clients and provide content that encourages conversion.
  • Google Analytics: This tool can be used to personalize messages, and it will help you focus your energy on the strengths of your website. It analyses how users interact with your site.
  • Keyword Research: This will allow you to identify the terms and trends that interest your target.
  • Blog: Google will rate your blog higher and make you more popular among potential clients.
4.- Customer segmentation
One of the greatest benefits of a digital marketing strategy is the ability to segment users. This allows you to target the right people based on their interests, tastes, and location. This saves you money instead of spending your entire investment on clients with very specific profiles.
5.- Increased sales
Selling a property can be a tough task. It is also a lengthy and complicated process. A marketing strategy can help you automate certain customer contact steps. This will allow you to optimize processes and save you time.
Digital marketing is essential for real estate. It will be even more important in the future to attract the right clients.

Real estate social media marketing packages

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