Incorporate your brand voice into the text, target your personas, tell a story, and include testimonials. Third-party endorsements help visitors to trust your business. Aside from testimonials, you can also have videos and other forms of marketing to drive traffic to your website. These are some of the most effective tips to write the best about us page stand out.


Incorporate Your Brand Voice


Developing a brand voice is essential to create your company’s visual identity. Once you’ve defined your brand’s personality, you can begin to describe your products or services. It’s helpful to keep the description as concrete as possible. You can write the description in paragraph form and cut it down to a few adjectives later. Your brand voice and visual identity go hand in hand, but sometimes they clash.


When developing your brand voice, make sure it reflects the tone of your business. For instance, if you’re a razor brand, you should avoid using cartoon characters in your marketing materials. A good example is Dollar Shave Club, which developed its brand voice using a humorous advertorial. This strategy helped the brand go viral.


After developing a brand voice, validate it with customers. This is essential because internal validation may miss some of the concerns and viewpoints of your buyers. If you’re trying to appeal to a younger audience, use language that appeals to them.


Tell a Story


A well-written About Us page can tell a reader much about your business without overburdening them with information. Instead, it emphasizes your impact and accomplishments in a way that doesn’t confuse or overwhelm them. It also includes simple calls to action for users to join, host with, or discover your business. For example, Greatist’s ‘about us page keeps it short and simple while emphasizing the value the company brings to small businesses.


A fun and engaging About Us page can engage readers. The About Us page of to fight, for example, includes engaging and funny graphics. The page also features images of deconstructed action figures and fighting toys. This approach helps build readers’ interest in the company’s mission and vision. A compelling story can make your customers want to know more about your company, and the story behind it will captivate your readers.


Adding social proof is an excellent idea for an About Us page. Social proof can be in the form of Instagram galleries of customer content, logos of publications, or quotes from customer reviews. A company’s progress can also be illustrated by providing statistics. A case study or an award won’t hurt either.


Target Specific Personas


Creating targeted personas for your product or service is essential to ensure your writing reflects the needs of your target market. The personas are defined based on the specific characteristics of your business and are designed to reflect your customers’ desires. For example, a B2B persona may be an HR manager concerned with the difficulty of recruiting top talent for a company. To create an effective messaging strategy, you should consider the goals of your target market and emphasize how your product or service will help them achieve their outside goals. Creating personas can also help you determine your target audience’s frustrations and how you can solve them.


When creating the content for your about us page, try to identify the characteristics of your target market. Focusing on their wants and desires is a great way to increase customer loyalty. For example, you can ask your current prospects or leads to provide their feedback on your products and services. Since they already have contact information, they can be a good source for creating your target personas.


Include Testimonials


If you’re looking to attract more customers, including testimonials on your About Us page. These can serve multiple purposes – they can act as a call-to-action and be featured next to the product or service they mention. You can also feature testimonials in a homepage slider.


Testimonials are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and past customers’ appreciation of your work. If your company offers various services, you can include testimonials next to images of your client’s work. Alternatively, you can feature artistic design elements alongside the testimonials if you’re a design firm.


Try a few examples if you’re unsure which testimonials to feature on your About Us page. For example, Codecademy has a testimonials section on its website. The testimonials section includes pictures, quotes, and names of current and former students. You can even link to the testimonial page and include links to additional reviews for a particular product or service.


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