What Counts As Marketing Experience?

If you have a marketing degree but no real work experience, you may be wondering what counts as marketing experience. You may have been a salesperson, but the marketing industry is different than sales.

Many companies look for people who have already applied for sales jobs, so you need to show your sales background. There are a few ways to show your skills and experience in this area. First, ask recruiters how long you\’ve been working in the field.



How to get into digital marketing?

After you have mastered the skills and knowledge of digital marketing, you can start to work in this field. These are a few general points that will help you to get your first digital marketing job.

Set a goal for yourself

Decide if you want to work in an agency, company, or as a freelance in Digital Marketing and what position you would like to hold since there is a wide variety to choose from.


Train and update yourself

Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving field that requires constant learning. Digital Marketing is a rapidly changing field that requires you to keep up with the latest trends and tools.


Internships are a great way to gain experience.

Experience is necessary to be hired. But, how to get experience in marketing? Internships! Even if the company is completely free, offer to work for them. You\’ll gain valuable experience.

It is important to give your best effort, even if you don’t get paid. It will be a reference for you to apply for a job. An internship is temporary and will help you get your foot in the industry. It is up to you how much time you dedicate.


Be present on social media

You should have profiles on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram if you plan to devote yourself to this industry

This will allow companies to assess your performance in these environments. Be careful about what you share on social networks, as everything is public.


Work on your website

How to gain marketing experience? Your website is a place where you can experiment with different marketing strategies and gain marketing experience.

This will allow you to test and learn, without worrying about causing damage to their website. You are also creating your brand. This is a great cover letter.


Be patient

This stage of your search for a job in Digital Marketing may seem a little difficult. Having patience is an important skill to ensure that we don\’t abandon our job search. Patience does not refer to the ability or willingness to wait. It is how we act while waiting.


One way to break this cycle is to volunteer.

Whether through social work or a public service organization, volunteering helps you build your professional network and build pieces for your portfolio. You\’ll also message potential employers about your values and commitment to social causes.

Besides, you can network with many nonprofits through your volunteering work. While you\’re volunteering, remember to keep the experience relevant.

Marketing experience doesn\’t have to be related to the job you are applying for. If you are interested in a particular industry, you can volunteer with a nonprofit. In this way, you can build your network and create professional portfolio pieces without spending a dime.

And, it also sends a strong message to prospective employers. You\’ll get the chance to meet people with similar interests and gain valuable networking opportunities.


You should consider your skills and experience.

Most of these positions require relevant experience. Regardless of your field of choice, you need to have the right mix of education and experience to stand out from the crowd. Suppose you\’ve held a lemonade stand or a sales position. You\’ll need to have experience with sales to be considered for a marketing job.


If you\’ve worked in marketing in the past, you probably have a good understanding of how to market a product. But if you\’ve never worked in the industry before, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow your skills. Suppose you don\’t have any experience, since you can learn the skills necessary to get a great job. However, if you don\’t have any experience, it may help you train.


What Counts As Marketing Experience?

If you\’re looking for a marketing job, it\’s important to have a few different types of experience. While you should have a basic understanding of the industry you\’re applying for, you\’ll want to highlight the most relevant work experience that you have. Even if you\’re just starting, you can have marketing experience in other areas of your life. And if you have no experience at all, you can hire a consultant who has years of experience.


If you\’re looking for a marketing job, you\’ll need to be prepared to show that you have some experience in the industry. The more relevant the experience, the more likely you\’ll be hired. Suppose you\’re looking for a marketing position, your varied and relevant experience.

In addition to your work history, your experience should also demonstrate your ability to connect with others. If you\’re a newbie, volunteering with a nonprofit organization is a great way to build a network.


You\’ll need marketing experience to be considered for a marketing job. The most relevant experience demonstrates your ability to communicate with other people. A successful marketing resume should also demonstrate your ability to communicate with the employer effectively. The goal of the marketing resume is to sell the business, so it should focus on the skills that the employer is seeking. The skills you need to sell products should be specific for each job.


The first thing to do is to find a volunteer opportunity. Volunteering with a nonprofit is a great way to get the word out about your skills and personality. In addition to establishing a professional network, you can also build a professional portfolio through volunteering. You may also find networking opportunities. The more volunteers you have, the better. It also means that you\’ll be able to earn a living and have fun doing it.


Most underrated digital marketing skills:

  1. The writing: You don\’t need to be an expert in this. But you must be able to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in writing.
  2. Promote your ideas: For Digital Marketing to succeed, the message that reaches consumers must be clear, persuasive, and forceful.
  3. Research Capacity: If you are interested in marketing, it is important to study and investigate the latest trends in lead capture, qualification, marketing tools, and methods, as well as innovative ways to retain customers.
  4. Social media presence: Having a digital presence via social networks is very common. Electronic commerce is growing in popularity every day, due to its popularity. You must be familiar with the workings of digital marketing platforms and have an active member if you want to apply for a job in this field.
  5. Teamwork: You will need to learn how to work with teams. In digital marketing, you will work with different departments to achieve the goals.

Once you have identified which skills you need to enhance your digital marketing experience, you can start to create a plan to get your dream job.


How to get marketing experience as a beginner?

These are a few things that can help you to get familiar with the digital marketing world.

  • Start a blog on a topic that interests you. Hosting and domain cost is not that much these days.
  • Learn SEO basics and create optimized articles for your blog.
  • Use the Google Analytics tracking code to see if your blog is getting any traffic. 
  • To find out what keywords people are searching for information, learn keyword research with Google keyword planner( free tool).
  • You can create a Facebook page for your blog that is separate from your main page and then shares the articles there.
  • Facebook advertising is a great way to promote your page.
  • Add share buttons to your blog posts. This is possible with WordPress plugins, and it\’s completely free.
  • Register for email marketing services.
  • Add email signup forms to your blog and you will be able to collect subscribers.
  • Email marketing is a great way to promote your Facebook page
  • Adwords is a great way to promote your blog. Begin with low CPC bids. 
  • Register for Google Adsense to display advertising codes on blogs.



It is possible to get a job as a digital marketer, as you can see. You will need to work hard.

Remember that reaching your goals requires several steps. So, move along the path to the job that you desire, and start looking for the first jobs that will help you get into the industry. You will get there eventually.

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