What does a content marketing manager do? Content marketing managers are responsible for distributing and writing content on multiple channels, including company blogs, company websites, and other publications. The content marketing manager must ensure that the content is promoted and published and manually load content into CMS, email advertising, and social media automation tools. Although it may seem that all these tasks are the responsibility of one person, they often combine them and have varying responsibilities.


They Create High-Quality Content to Promote the Brand

Content marketing managers are an essential part of any company’s marketing department. They’re responsible for creating content to promote the brand and address the target audience’s needs. They determine the best way to promote the product/service and establish the company as an authority in the field. They are responsible for overseeing the company’s creative resources, such as writers and graphic designers. The content marketing manager works with the marketing leadership to create a content strategy for the company and supervise their efforts. Although a manager’s job description will differ from company to company, it is a good starting point.


You must have a good understanding of all aspects of content marketing to manage it well. Knowing what resources you will need to produce the best content is essential. You will likely be responsible for producing your content. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not be comfortable writing about your expertise.


What Does a Content Marketing Manager Do?


Content Marketing Manager Salary

A Content Marketing Manager earns approximately $74,888 or $36.0 per hour annually. The highest-earning content marketers make $43,000 more than the lowest. After being qualified, Content Marketing Managers can move to the senior manager level or field marketing positions. You can also choose to be a Field Marketing Lead or Senior Manager Of Marketing. Glassdoor has a salary page for content marketing managers if you are interested in a career.