Did you ever see an ad that was not aimed at you? If so, you have witnessed the power of demographics marketing. Demographics can be used to help brands limit their marketing efforts and avoid spending time looking for customers who may not be interested in them.


What is demographics in marketing?

Digital marketing is all about targeting your audience with targeted messages and advertising. Demographic targeting refers to identifying your target audience’s demographics. Therefore, demographic factors in marketing are very important.

This allows you to personalize messages and increases interaction. The potential customer will take the objective action to buy your product or services.

You can save money and increase effectiveness by using demographic segmentation to shape your target audience.



What is demographic targeting?

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Demographic segmentation allows you to target your audience with marketing campaigns. It takes into consideration social and demographic factors.


Variables that determine demographic segmentation:

Demographic segmentation criteria refer to characteristics that allow you to associate consumers and a specific segment. These are the most used variables:



sign of man and woman gender

This variable is not meant to be a stereotype of gender. However, in general men and women have very different needs and tastes.

Your companies will need to create products and services that cater to each customer.



Different ages of consumers have different needs.

As we age, our nutritional requirements change. it is important to eat nutritious foods and take the right supplements to stay healthy.



There are differences between high- and low-income consumers in terms of product selection, time spent, events, and general interests.


Education and occupation

Different needs will be based on the occupation and education of consumers.

One example of this is niche products that are intended for professional athletes, professional women, and artists, among other things.


Benefits of demographic targeting

A Harvard Business School study shows that 85% of new product launches are unsuccessful due to poor market segmentation.

Demographic targeting is a unique way to obtain information that can be used for service enhancements and product launches.


Some benefits of marketing demographics are:


Customer experience improved

Your organization can use demographic targeting to better understand your customers and create targeted marketing strategies to appeal to them.

Because customers can identify with your brand at all points of contact, customer experience improves loyalty.


Improved delivery of services and products

You can gain a better understanding by locating your target market within demographic segments. This helps you to make improvements to your product or service.


Better Marketing

Demographic targeting allows you to create marketing strategies that are effective and reach your target audience.

Demographic targeting, for example, is a better option than working with generic information. It provides a clear direction for advertising campaigns, marketing messages, and brand awareness.


Make targeted content

You can segment your market by demographic segmentation and create content that appeals to it.


Increased lead generation

Demographic targeting is an important tool for lead generation as it allows you to effectively communicate the value of your company to prospects.

Knowing your audience and their passions will help you attract potential customers and convert them into customers.


Competitive advantage

Understanding your target audience is key to distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Demographic targeting allows you to get a better understanding of your target market. With this information, you can create compelling stories that will differentiate your brand from others.

Niche marketing is a process that allows you to identify new market opportunities. You can identify new business niches by dividing your market into groups.

It is simple to target demographics and you can do it quickly with the right tools.


How to obtain demographic data?

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It is possible that you will not receive demographic information from every member of your audience.

It is important to gather enough data to build a profile of your most relevant customers.

With that, you can choose the right social media platforms, create a better marketing demography strategy, and grow your subscriber base faster.

This information can be gathered through online surveys, software analytics, and public records.


Public records

Because it is easily accessible through public resources, demographic data is the most common type of targeting data. Many international organizations and most developed countries have access to authoritative demographic resources, such as the demographic census.


Software for analysis

Analytics software can help you understand the visitors to your website and their interests. Analytics software allows you to see basic demographic information like location, gender, age, and more. Log in to your analytics tool to see if the data is being collected. You can also use Google Analytics.



You can ask your audience direct questions through the questionnaires. Once you have received enough responses, you are able to use them as a sample for your customer base.

This exercise will need to be repeated often because customer demographics may change over time.

A mix of demographic questions and open-ended multiple-choice questions can increase the response rate.


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