What is Robot Txt in SEO?

What is robot txt in SEO? Almost all of us have heard about robot text, but few of us know exactly what it is or how it helps us. If you aren\’t aware of the significance of this type of text, you\’ll be missing out on a valuable SEO tip.



Having a site that is constantly being indexed by search engine bots can be a headache. Especially when a site has a large number of pages, the crawling process can take a toll on your servers. Fortunately, there are tools available to help minimize the number of requests a site gets each day.

The most popular search engines are populated by a variety of spiders, each with a specific purpose. The best way to deal with these opportunistic bots is to block the source of their traffic with a well-thought-out robot file. You can also choose to allow access to subfolders, but that\’s a whole different story.

Aside from the bots, you can also take steps to boost your site\’s search engine ranking by utilizing paid media. These include paid links on other sites or on social media. Aside from paid media, you can also opt to improve your search rankings by creating and optimizing a sitemap.


Choosing the correct user agent for a site is crucial to the success of an SEO campaign. For instance, if a site is geared toward mobile users, the Android smartphone user agent would be relevant. A bad spider crawl bot can wreak havoc on a web server, resulting in content scraping and account takeovers.

A user-agent may also be used for transferring device information, and to deliver certain elements only to browsers capable of handling them. It is important to note that a single user-agent cannot be applied to every website, limiting the usefulness of such an attribute.

The most obvious use for such a user-agent is in identifying which browsers and versions of such browsers are in use and delivering appropriate website versions to them. In addition, it can be used to provide an update request to web servers instead of soliciting the website itself. In some cases, a user agent may be used to indicate the presence of a particular browser or browser version, allowing a web server to send updates to a browser in real-time.



X-Robots-Tag in SEO is a header that\’s included in the HTTP response for a given URL. This header allows you to set directives that affect the indexing, crawling, and serving of a snippet. You can also use X-Robots-Tag to block cached links or images from appearing in SERPs.

X-Robots-Tag can be set on a per-page, or per-element basis. You can also add the X-Robots-Tag header to your site\’s configuration files. The implementation of X-Robots-Tag is done at the code level.

You can use X-Robots-Tag as an alternative to the meta robots tag. However, the values used by the X-Robots-Tag are the same as the values used by the meta robots tag.

It\’s important to understand how the search engine robots will interpret the X-Robots-Tag. Some local search engines don\’t understand this type of directive, so it may not work. This is especially true if your website targets a specific country or region.

You can check your HTTP page headers with a web developer plugin for Firefox or Chrome. You can also use online URL-checking services. These tools can help you determine whether your page is in Google\’s mobile-friendly test. You can also use Google Search Console to verify whether your URL is being indexed.


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