There are many options to help grow your brand’s social media presence. You can also increase customer base, ROI, engagement, and other actions. But mistakes can make it impossible to achieve your goals in no time. To achieve goals, you always need solid social media marketing plans.

Many companies use social media to market their products and services to the public.

They also help brands connect with their target customers. Social networks can increase brand recognition and reach, but only if they avoid certain issues. You will see results if you are able to avoid the most common social media marketing problems.


Statista’s study found that 90 percent of American companies use social media to promote and market their products or services. Smart Insights reports that 80 percent of these companies believe they provide exceptional service via social media. Only 8 percent of these clients agree.


What is a common issue with social media marketing plans?


Brands sometimes don’t see the exact results of their social media marketing strategies because they make them obsolete, irrelevant, or inept. Mistakes are part of human existence.


Social media marketing mistakes and solution to social media problems


#1 No strategy

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Many new brands don’t place enough importance on social media. You don’t have a strategy when you use social media. It is crucial to recognize that social media is essential for businesses.


Many companies, including their competitors, use social media to reach their customers and promote their products. It is a part of their overall business strategy.


The foundation of everything else is building brand strategies. Social media strategy is more than just posting a certain number of posts every day. It also includes the format to be used (images and videos, URLs shared resources, hashtags), the formation of events and groups, as well as the tone of voice that a brand will use on social media.


#2 Not tracking results

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The most common marketing problem is that you do not track results. Social networks allow for real-time monitoring of progress, just like interaction. This allows for strategic changes and the identification of targeted audiences. It is unrealistic to expect amazing results from your first campaign or post.


To get better results, you must always make adjustments and run tests. It is important to continue following up on the campaigns you have implemented and learning from them. The best part is that platforms provide a means to track this performance through their metrics section.


#3 The idea that all social media networks are the same


This is one of many mistakes brands make when publishing the same content on all social media platforms in the same formats with the same copy.


Every social network is different in its own way. Different social networks have different strengths, characteristics, and marketing tools. They also have diverse audiences with specific behaviors and interests.


#4 Avoid, remove, counterattack negative comments

Negative comments can be used to improve the quality and build trust with the brand community by being addressed. Many brands ignore negative comments from customers who are unhappy with the service they receive. Some even attempt to remove them or reply with harsher words.

This is the error. This is an opportunity to turn it around and find the best way to help it through other channels. Negative comments must be taken seriously.

#5. Not engaging enough in customer/followers

A common KPI in social media marketing strategies is to generate more engagement. Many brands don’t respond to user comments, giving the impression that they are not interested in having conversations with their community. And this creates most of the marketing issues.


You must ensure that your social media team responds to any replies to posts. Your customers will be more interested in engaging with you if you reply (e.g., a “like” and a “reply”) more often.


Every comment on a page about a business is an opportunity for engagement and to invite more people to join. If you do this actively, you can expect to see a greater number of followers and a higher engagement rate.


#6. Not aiming at the target

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Social media enables you to connect with target groups. No matter how hard a company works on social media, if it doesn’t know who its recipients are, the results can be disappointing.


A generic audience is not a good thing for publications. They won’t bring any interest and will not be seen by those who are truly interested. Your products and services won’t be of interest to broad audiences.

You can also identify the segments of your customers by defining them and then creating a strategy to help you create a customized campaign.


From small businesses to large corporations, social media has a profound impact on the business world. The social media landscape is vast and constantly changing. Companies that use social media to present their ideas and content are reaping the benefits. Some companies experienced negative effects because of their wrong methodology. Companies that deal directly with customers should consider social media as a necessity.