How Much Does Email Marketing Costs Per Email In 2021

How Much Does Email Marketing Costs Per Email In 2021

Email marketing is a great way to reach potential clients and customers. It also gives you a high return on investment. Continue reading to find out about just how much does email marketing costs per email.

Email Marketing Can Make it Easy to:

  • Increase brand recognition
  • Linking to your site can be a great way to incentivize customers, both new and existing.
  • Your brand should be loved by people who are interested in your company.

How Much Does an Email Marketing Campaign Cost


A midsize business will spend anywhere from $ 9 to $ 1000 per month in email marketing, depending on how it manages its campaigns. Email marketing messages that are well-crafted and executed will remind past and current customers as well as potential clients to visit your site, blog, and social media. Email marketing costs per email can depend on different factors.

Customer retention and relationship building are the core of any email marketing campaign. It is crucial to design each campaign with this goal in mind. You can increase your chances of purchasing by staying in touch with your customers. We recommend that 16% of your marketing budget be dedicated to email marketing.

Many factors will affect the amount you give to email marketing.

  • An annual income
  • Percentage of total online revenue
  • Your industry
  • The product or service that you are selling
  • Your overall digital marketing goals
  • You will ultimately need to decide on an email marketing budget that is right for you and your company\’s goals. Email marketing can be a very profitable strategy and can generate a tremendous ROI of $ 44 per dollar spent.

Email Service Provider


An email service provider will provide professional templates and tools to help grow and manage your list. You\’ll also have tracking features that allow you to see who opens and interacts with your emails. It also guarantees delivery rates so that your emails reach the right people.

Email Marketing Has Another Great Advantage 

You can set up emails to go out as far ahead as you like. This is a time-saving tip that top email marketers make use of to their advantage. An automated email series can be set up to send your subscribers targeted content based upon certain actions, such as purchasing items from your online store or filling out registration forms on your site. It is easy to create a great email marketing strategy that takes little time. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Images and Design Work


Email marketing also allows you to include design elements in your emails. This is a big difference from traditional email. Good design can increase customer engagement and convert emails into sales.

You can add images of products, stock photos, or funny videos to your emails. Remember that your emails must be responsive. Also known as mobile-friendly, this means that your emails will look great on any device.

Email Marketing is Different From Traditional Marketing Channels


Before email marketing, how did companies market their products? Do you still have printed ads, direct mail, or phone calls? Some of these channels may still be used today. Email marketing has a lower upfront cost than direct mail. Direct mail requires you to pay a printer, designer, and shipping costs. Direct mail can take forever to reach customers. It is easy to send emails to your contacts.

Look at word of mouth, the oldest channel. Word of mouth has been slow in the past. Email travels quickly. Referrals are possible with just a click when customers send their emails to family and friends. Constant Contact user Light Health Research credits his email referrals with $ 1.5 million in sales.

Another Way to Look at Email Marketing\’s Cost

Let\’s take a look at email marketing costs in a different way. Sometimes, the question isn\’t \”How much does email marketing cost\”, but \”How much do you not have to do it?\”

Email is the primary channel for customer acquisition in the US, with 81% of SMBs relying on it. If you don\’t send an email, you are missing out. B2C marketers that connect with customers via automated emails have conversion rates up to 50%. You can get more sales by using email marketing than your competitors. You can\’t afford to lose this.

Email Marketing Offers Many Benefits, Including Big Costs.

Email marketing is a lucrative business when used correctly. The value of what you get is well worth the small monthly cost. Don\’t let cost prevent you from making big decisions for your business. Email marketing is a great way to communicate your message to your target audience. There are many reasons why you should get started today.

If you\’re interested in email marketing and want to know more about email marketing prices, contact us today.

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