Tagged was launched in 2004 and became one of the most popular social media websites. Targeted at teens in the U.S., the site has since expanded to allow users from around the world aged thirteen and older. The site’s founders are responsible for maintaining strict security measures that protect its youngest users. For instance, only users over the age of 16 can view 13 and 14-year-olds, and their profile information is private. Anyone under the age of 18 must have an account to access the website.


Is It Only for Teens?


The Tagged social networking site started with a focus on connecting with teens but has since opened its doors to adults. According to the company, it boasts 80 million registered users and 7 billion page views per month. It is the third-largest U.S. social networking site. If you’re interested in using the site for business purposes, it’s recommended that you consider upgrading to a VIP account. This will allow you to make more valuable connections and earn more profit.


Building Connections


The purpose of the Tagged social networking site is to connect with new people, share ideas and find new friends. As its user base grows, so does its popularity. With over 80 million registered members and seven billion page views per month, Tagged is now the third-largest social networking site in the U.S., according to Statista. Its features include virtual gifts, meet me, pets, complete with friends, and more. As of this writing, Tagged is a popular social networking website.


Increases Your Online Engagements


Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or someone looking for a fun way to connect with people, Tagged is a fantastic tool for growing your blog or social media account. Listed social media sites are an excellent resource for building your online presence and increasing your visibility. There’s no better way to maximize the potential of your content than to make use of tagged media. So, start tagging today and watch your blog grow!



It Offers a Variety of Possibilities


Tagged has a vast following and a unique approach to social networking. You can find people interested in the type of content you post, and your followers will see it. Besides being a great place to connect with your friends, Tagged also helps marketers make more money. Aside from tagging, there are other ways to promote your blog or social media. Tagged can be a powerful source for building a solid brand, depending on your goals.


While Tagged is very popular with teens, it also has many users and features. The site was designed to attract teenagers, but it now targets a much more comprehensive range of audiences. The site claims to have more than 80 million active users, and it has seven billion page views a month. It has become the third-largest social media site in the United States. Also tagging people, allows marketers to target people based on their interests.


Adult Users Are Welcome to Join


Tagged is a social media site for teens and adults, attracting marketers. Aside from teenagers, Tagged has a diverse range of users, from adults to children. The site boasts more than 80 million registered users and seven billion page views each month, making it the third-largest social networking website in the U.S. after Facebook and MySpace. Choosing a niche for your blog before registering on a new platform is essential.


Tagged was created with teenagers in mind but has since expanded its target audience to adults, and the number of users has soared to 80 million. It is now the third most popular social networking website in the United States and claims to receive seven billion page views a month. There are many benefits to tagging on social media. If your target audience is a teenager, you could tag them. Similarly, if you want to attract people based on age, you can use the tagged social media site to your advantage.


Tagged was created to connect people and make new connections. Its expansion from teenage users to adult users has become the third-largest social networking site in the United States. Yet, tagging on social media is essential if you’re a business owner. The site has many benefits, including a boost in engagement rates. If you’re a marketer, tagging is an excellent way to reach your target audience and increase your profits.

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