Word-of-mouth marketing is a tradition that saw people sharing information about services or products they had used and enjoyed.

In the past, word-of-mouth marketing was done by spreading the word via phone, letters, or other communication.

These methods are still effective, but word-of-mouth marketing can also be done digitally. The word can be spread via social media, email, or other digital communication channels.


Digital media fundamentals: Word of mouth principles

These are the five basic principles on which word-of-mouth strategies in digital media are based and people can share their experiences with your brand.


  • Positive reviews and mentions are the detonators for possible virtualization, and you don’t have to pay anything.
  • If you generate positive or positive opinions is because your customers have enough trust in your brand that it increases your influence over potential customers.
  • Personal Relationships are the sources of information about a service or product more important for consumers.
  • It is more effective to use Content Marketing in the Age of Content Marketing You can create quality content instead of using paid advertising to promote your products on the Internet.
  • Direct Personal communication is often the best way to keep a customer loyal to your brand and make him a promoter.


Digital word of mouth marketing tips:

These tips will help you to strengthen your digital presence before you embark on the journey of creating an online word of mouth marketing strategy.


Search for influencers

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Influencers are people who have authority over their followers, and they trust them enough that they will accept their suggestions. As such, they can influence your purchasing decisions as well as your life decisions.


You can reach them directly by sending a message asking for their recommendation. Followers will accept the recommendation like a friend. This is because influencers are part and parcel of their daily lives.


It is important to find out if the influencer matches your brand’s values. If they are someone whose online persona has little to do with your offerings to consumers, you will waste your time.


It is often not about the quantity, but quality. So, while it may be tempting to follow influencers with millions of followers, you might be better off following micro-influencers who have exactly the followers that match your brand, that is, people who are your target audience.


Viral marketing

Viral marketing is the internet version of word-of-mouth advertising. Like the content generated by your community, however, here your brand will be looking to generate content that goes viral, you can join trends or join conversations that are highly active and are related in some way to your brand.


Word of mouth marketing examples:

Starbucks: is a company that relies on word-of-mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing social media encourage customers to comment and share.


Red Bull: Red Bull is a company that focuses on event marketing and driving word of mouth.


Perform a Content Marketing strategy

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The Inbound Marketing methodology understood that intrusive advertising does not bring good results and that taking advantage of the digital world it is more convenient to make audiences get closer to the brand and not the other way around.


Content marketing is a way to do this. You can attract the masses with quality information via corporate blogs, social media networks, and/or an email marketing strategy.


You must provide the most useful and sharable information to your potential customers on the Internet to spread word of mouth.


Engage in conversation and you’ll see how you can gradually get great recommendations, which will help you increase sales.


Position yourself on different platforms

Although only a handful of platforms like TripAdvisor and Yelp have been mentioned, you will need to identify your niche and get people to rate you on these platforms.


If you own a physical shop and your customers have had a positive experience in your store, they may be willing to review your website online or give you something in return.


Referral Marketing

It all depends on what your brand is, how your company positions itself, and what your objectives are. However, many companies have made investments in recommendation marketing, and it has proven to be a successful investment.


Incentives such as discounts, micropayments, gifts, etc. are offered in return for a friend’s recommendation.


Referral Marketing is also known: When a person has had a positive experience with your brand and is willing to recommend it to others.