Email Marketing For Jewelers

Jewelry stores can use email marketing for jewelers to promote their wares and services. You can send emails about new launches, new collections, special offers and discounts, and new locations. You can also include a consumer survey. Using interactive elements in your emails will help you keep people interested and increase your click-through rates.


Using Visuals and Emotive Images

It is another powerful way to draw attention to your products. Consider sending a series of pictures showing different angles of your pieces. You can also use image rollover effects, slow GIFs, or videos to illustrate specific features. High-end jewelry brands like Ben Bridge Jeweler use images of their products to create an overall lookbook, which lets customers see what they would look like wearing each piece.


Using High-quality Images is Important

Customers want to look at jewelry, so make sure your pictures are appealing. For example, if your store has a glass wall, displaying your jewelry there can attract people. They may even stop to browse and admire the jewelry. Creating eye-catching and informative content will make people more likely to click through to your website.


Email marketing for jewelers can also be a powerful tool to keep customers informed about new arrivals. Try using special events such as Valentine\’s Day, Mother\’s Day, and Christmas to create a special email newsletter. Also, consider coordinating your newsletter with a charity or other cause. You can also use special occasion emails to highlight new products or offer additional discounts.


Cross-Selling Jewelry

Another powerful tool for email marketing for jewelers is cross-selling jewelry. Instead of sending the same email to all of your customers, you can recommend other items based on the customer\’s preferences. For example, a gold necklace can be recommended with an assortment of gold earrings. This strategy will help you bring back repeat customers, even if they\’ve stopped buying your jewelry. With this email automation, you can bring them back to your shop.


Email marketing for jewelers can also help you introduce new products, services, and charities to customers. For example, you can send newsletters to subscribers about new jewelry designers, new collections, and new associates. Keeping your customers updated on these developments will keep them interested. This will help you increase your sales, which means you\’ll have more loyal customers.


Another way to build an email marketing campaign for jewelers is to use user-generated content.

Users can share their experiences with your jewelry with their friends. You can also use this content as a testimonial for potential customers. This type of content can be sent to your entire list. Creating a newsletter is easy when you use a tool like Upscribe. You can start a free trial of Upscribe to build your email newsletter today.


When it comes to email marketing for jewelers, remember that jewelry lovers want to be updated. They are also eager to learn about new products and lines. Having a newsletter that lets them know about new jewelry releases can make your email marketing strategy even more effective. Be sure to make your newsletters mobile-friendly and rich in content.


Aside from building a list of potential customers, email marketing also allows you to maintain relationships with existing ones. Once you\’ve gathered your first subscriber, you should start sending regular emails. You can even set up automated email campaigns so they send themselves whenever someone makes a purchase. You can also send a welcome email to to gain new subscribers.


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