It is difficult to get new clients as a financial adviser. It is hard to be recognized as a professional when there are more than 25 million financial advisors in America. It will be harder to secure new business with the industry set to grow in the coming decade.

Now, are you wondering How Do Financial Advisors Get Clients?

For that, you must first refine your message and online presence. You can then network online and offline by using a mix of modern and traditional methods.


Let’s have a closer look at marketing methods and learn about target markets for financial advisors.

Nail your pitch

What is it that sets you apart from other financial advisors? Can you communicate this clearly and engagingly? It is not difficult to refine your message and pitch. This will make it easier for you to reach your target audience and market your products.


It is common to practice your elevator pitch. Imagine yourself riding in an elevator with potential clients who want to know why you should be hired. You don’t have time to be a fool or be weak. It is important to be able to articulate what makes you different from other advisors. Focusing on your education, experiences, values, and success may be a good idea.

This refinement of messages is important, especially if your day is full of meetings. Create a pitch that is concise and complete with collateral.


Improve your website ranking

Even if your website is mobile-responsive and well-designed, there are still ways to improve it. A simple website is better than none, but a strong and strategic site is better.

Because their website is not ranked organically in online searches, independent financial advisors are often lost, clients. You can improve the SEO of your website (Search Engine Optimization) to achieve this.


What is SEO?

a desktop computer on the table and on a wall search engine optimization picture hang

SEO is an online marketing strategy that makes your website more user-friendly, with quick loading times and easy navigation. In your pages, you should include keywords and phrases people search for. To tie it all together, you should add links and social media.


Sign up for directories

Connecting to the right listings and directories is another way to be found in online searches.

Have you, claimed your business on Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook? Social media is often avoided by financial advisers out of fear of revealing confidential information or being seen as unprofessional. But this is where your customers spend most of their time every day.

Claim your listing and complete the information so customers can find you.

Make sure that all information is accurate and complete when you claim your business in these listings. Verify that Google Maps accurately shows your office hours. Remember the elevator speech? To ensure consistency in your message, use the same words on your website as in your financial advisor ads.


Request for and monitor reviews

If you are lucky, customers will visit your listings and leave a review. This is a good sign that others can look at you’re listing while looking for trust. You should respond promptly and professionally to any review that is left, whether it’s positive or negative.

Positive comments are a way to express appreciation for your business and time. Negative comments are more difficult. It is important to acknowledge their concerns and offer an apology without making excuses. You can encourage the person to reach out directly by giving your number.


You don’t need to rely on luck. Ask your customers to leave reviews on your website. You can provide social proof to make people feel more comfortable meeting you professionally.


Find networking opportunities

LinkedIn is a great place to start if you are looking for a social media platform that will help your marketing efforts. This platform is only for professionals. After you have completed and updated your profile page, search LinkedIn to find relevant groups. This allows you to communicate with others with something in common.

Small events are a great way to build a loyal audience. You can offer in-person presentations or virtual webinars to demonstrate your expertise and build relationships.



Write guest blogs

image with guest blogging text

Another powerful tool to gain new customers is content marketing. You have a greater understanding of financial markets than anyone else. People want to learn from your experience. Your knowledge should not be kept for current clients. Instead, think of anyone who reads your work as a future client.

You can submit blog ideas to relevant websites where your customers spend most of their time. Your writing can be published on your website or the business pages of social networks. Others will also see you as an expert if you do this.


Try paid ads

Ads often appear before the search results when people are searching for financial advisors. Most people won’t scroll past the first page so it can be worthwhile to invest in ads. Therefore, financial advisor advertising is a great way of attracting new potential clients.

Google Ads can be budgeted with a modest budget because you know that money is required to make money. Facebook ads for financial advisors are also a great option. Analyzing your metrics will allow you to determine which keywords or messages are most effective. This will help you refocus your ads so you can target the exact customers you want.

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