One of the best marketing ideas for orthodontic offices is to boost awareness of your orthodontic practice is by using social media. Whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook, you can promote your services through fun content. It’s also essential to understand the needs of your potential clients. This way, you’ll be able to attract new patients with ease.

Marketing Ideas For Orthodontic Offices

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach your target audience, and you don’t have to use expensive advertisements. In fact, over 200 million people visit a business’s profile on Facebook every day. In addition to this, more than 90% of social media users interact with businesses on the platform. Use social media to offer free services to your prospects, including a whitening session or a consultation. You can also use the platform to send fun and informative emails to your target audience. Another great social media marketing idea is to host contests for your patients.


You can send free swag packs to prospective patients

These swag packages can be filled with giveaways and promotional materials. This will help build your client network and spread your brand name. Many prospective patients like to receive something for free, and the swag will help you spread the word about your practice. Moreover, people will be more likely to want to visit your office if they’re excited about something.


Actively Solicit Reviews

Studies have shown that patients are more likely to trust practices that have a distinct online presence. Potential patients want to know all the details about the practice, and content that addresses their needs will help them feel more comfortable. Creating a blog is one of the best ways to attract new patients. Regular blog updates and FAQs are also a good way to develop trust with your patients.

Marketing Ideas For Orthodontic Offices

Post Videos on Social Media

This is a great way to get your entire team involved with social media. Using videos and pictures will help introduce your practice to potential patients. Make sure you use relevant hashtags. Besides social media, you can send out emails to your patients to keep them informed of your latest treatments. For example, you can send cute videos that show your staff having fun with patients. They will be more likely to feel less nervous if you can make them laugh!


Offer Referral Programs

Offer a discount to new patients who refer their friends or family to your practice. This will not only encourage patients to refer their friends but will also build trust. If you want to retain your current patients, you can offer them rewards as well.

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