Why Doesn’t My Business Show Up on Google Maps?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why your business doesn’t show up on Google Maps. Thousands of businesses have similar problems. Here are a few common reasons preventing your business from appearing on the search engine. It’s also worth considering your business’s profile setup. By following the tips listed below, your business will be visible on Google Maps in no time.


Location Authority

Your business doesn’t appear on Google Maps because you don’t have the appropriate location authority. Google will only show verified local businesses. If you are more than 10 miles from your business, then you don’t have the location authority to be listed on Google Maps. But you can still add your address to your profile if you want. You can add it to your profile even if you don’t want Google to know your address.



Another common reason for lack of visibility on Google Maps is suspension. Typically, this is due to quality issues. Google rarely explains why a listing is suspended, so the best way to resolve the issue is to contact Google Support and explain the problem. They’ll help you fix the suspension and reinstate your listing if you have a good reason. Hopefully, this article will help you get started.


You Should Have a Consistent Address

A common reason why your business isn’t on Google Maps? It could be because the address is inconsistent. Google likes businesses with the same name across all their online properties. If two people own the same company, they can’t use the same address. Google can’t tell which one is the real owner of the address. Adding a suite number or a different name could solve this problem.

Why-Doesn't-My-Business-Show-Up-on-Google-Maps? Why Doesn’t My Business Show Up on Google Maps?


If your business is not listed on Google Maps, you might have neglected to enter your location in your Google Business Profile. You won’t show up with a map pin in Google Maps if you only serve local map searchers. In other words, you may be missing out on potential customers. If you don’t have an address listed, you might have forgotten to add it or didn’t care enough about privacy to add it.


Make Sure Your Account is Verified

Verification is vital to your Google listing. Google takes pride in its search results and works quickly to remove inaccurate listings. Verification is done through a two-way process in which Google will send you a postcard containing a verification code. Once verified, your listing will appear in the local search results. This method isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth pursuing if your business isn’t showing up on Google Maps.


Verification is crucial for your business’s appearance in Google Maps. If your company has recently changed its address, you may need to wait until Google updates the information. If you’ve already received a postcard, you can also request it to be updated. Otherwise, waiting until your business has a verified listing is best. If all else fails, check your listing once again. Your business will be on the map soon!


You Can Also Check Your Listing in Google Business

You may not see your business in Google Maps. Check your listing with Google My Business. If your listing is unverified, you’ll see a red arrow on the map pointing to Claim this business. It means your listing isn’t verified. You should contact Google to resolve this if your listing is not confirmed.


Lastly, your listing does not show up on Google Maps because of the location of your business. It may already be there, but another user may have suspended your listing. To claim your listing, you need to enter your company’s phone number, edit the listing details, and confirm that you are the owner. After confirming that you are the business owner, Google will send you a verification code via text message to verify ownership.


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