Why Isn’t My Business Showing Up on Google Maps?

If your business is not showing up on Google Maps, it is possible that your listing has not yet been verified and claimed by Google. If this is the case, your business may not appear for specific business name searches or services.

If you don’t have an official Google listing, it may not be showing up for particular searches because Google will deem it lacking authority and relevance. Here are some ways to solve this issue.


List Your Business As a Service

Google prioritizes authoritative businesses on its results pages. It does not show businesses located in remote areas when consumers search for them. Your business may be listed on the deeper pages if it doesn’t have a physical address. Desktop users can click on the arrow to get to these deeper results. You can list your business as a service if you don’t have an address. It is an effective way to make your business visible to a larger audience.


Your Account Must Be Active

Make sure your Google My Business account is active. Check your listing often and update it if your business has moved or changed. Being proactive and checking your listing will prevent problems related to Google Maps. This way, you can ensure that it appears on Google Maps without hassle. If you’ve tried the tips above, your business should appear in Google Maps within a week.


Check Your Reviews

Bad reviews will affect your rating. Poor reviews may be indicative of your lackluster service or products. If Google doesn’t recognize your reviews, they will likely not appear in local searches. If you can’t get any reviews on your website, you should consider contacting Google. In most cases, it transfers reviews automatically. This way, the search engine will not be able to rank your listing higher than your competitors.

Why-Isn't-My Why Isn’t My Business Showing Up on Google Maps?


Verify Your Listing

Check that all information on Google is correct. You can also verify your website. If it’s outdated, update it right away. You may also be missing some vital information that Google uses to promote. Check that your website has the correct information about your business. If you don’t have accurate information, it will not be displayed on Google. A verified listing will be linked to the company’s website.


You should check your Google My Business account if your listing is suspended. However, if your listing says suspended, Google will suspend it. If this happens, you should contact Google to resolve the suspension. It may take three or 15 days for Google to process an update. However, you can try contacting them and follow the procedure described in the article. If you follow the steps carefully, your listing should start showing up on Google in no time.


You Can Also Contact Google for Verification

To check if your listing is legitimate, contact Google to verify it. Google takes pride in the results shown to users, and they work quickly to remove spammy listings. The process is free and requires you to send Google a postcard verifying that you own the business. You can also manually verify your listing with Google by completing this process. However, it can take up to 14 days to receive the postcard.


You can also check if your business has been verified by going to the Google My Business Help Page and checking the listing status. To do this, sign in with your linked email account and click on the Verification Status tab. Once you do this, you’ll see a list of all the businesses under your email address. Each listing’s status will be displayed as verified or unverified.


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