How to get Instagram sponsored ads? Whether you have an eCommerce business, are a social media enthusiast, or have yet to even think about it, there are a few things that you can do to get your brand’s name out there through Instagram-sponsored ads. You must first decide on a strategy and find the right influencer for your brand. You can also optimize your campaign budget and create a video ad to help attract more customers to your eCommerce business.

how to get instagram sponsored ads

Find the Right Influencer for your Ecommerce Brand

Getting the right influencer is one of the biggest challenges that e-commerce brands face. You want to find someone with a following that matches your target demographic. You also want someone knowledgeable about your industry.

You can search through social media or ask your followers what they want. The best influencers are those who can educate others about your product.

Once you’ve found an influencer who fits your brand, you need to get in touch with them. You can do this through a public contact form or private message. You should also include a link to your digital storefront in the DM, saving your potential customer an extra step.

You can also ask your influencer to share your content in the future. It will help build your relationship and credibility. You can also give your influencer a free product or reward them for a positive review.


Create a Video Ad

Whether you are an amateur or professional, Instagram-sponsored video ads can significantly boost your business. However, there are several things you need to consider before starting an ad campaign.

The CTA is one of the most critical aspects of an Instagram ad campaign. It’s not enough to show a product or service; you must also make the viewer feel compelled to take action. Using text is a great way to accomplish this.

A video ad template can help you create an eye-catching ad that will draw viewers. A template will include stock photos, text, and video footage. These templates are created by professionals who know what they’re doing.

The first few seconds of a video ad are critical for attracting viewers. A bad first few seconds can make viewers decide not to continue. However, a good first few seconds can engage viewers in the video.


Optimize your Campaign Budget

You can optimize your campaign budget to get Instagram-sponsored ads, whether a new business or an established one. Instagram Ads can be a powerful tool to drive sales, website traffic, and link clicks. However, they can also be expensive. You can test different ad formats to find which are best suited to your brand.

When you optimize your campaign budget to get Instagram-sponsored Ads, you can choose to run your ads in specific placements. For instance, if you run a food delivery service, you may want to run your ad at certain times of day to attract more customers. It can reduce your overall cost.

You can also run your ads on specific days of the week. For example, Tuesday has the highest cost-per-click (CPC). You can reduce your CPC by choosing a less popular day or a more effective placement.


Boosted Posts are Instagram’s Influencer-Sponsored Post Strategy

Boosted posts are an Instagram influencer-sponsored post strategy that can help your brand reach more people. The process is simple and can increase your engagement. However, there are a few factors to consider before boosting your posts.

  • You’ll want to target the right audience. Instagram has features that let you target people based on age, location, and interests.
  • You can also choose to target specific groups. For example, if you’re a mom-to-be, you can target people who are mothers.
  • You can also use the Automatic Audience option to target people who already follow you.
  • You’ll also consider boosting posts with links. It can drive traffic to your website and increase sales.
  • You can also use the Promoted View option to boost posts to as many people as possible.

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