Local SEO for EV Charging Stations

If you own a charging station business, you will want to take advantage of local SEO for EV charging stations. The search engine results for this type of business are usually very localized, which means that you will want to optimize your website in this manner. It is important to optimize your local SEO for EV charging stations for several reasons. First of all, local searches use Google My Business as a primary resource.

Getting a website for EV charging stations

Setting up EV charging stations can be a lucrative venture. These stations can relieve a growing number of people from \”range anxiety,\” the fear of not being able to find a charging station. In addition, they can help increase revenues for site hosts. These public EV charging stations can be installed at retail centers, community sites, and airports. Before you get started, make sure you understand the basics of EV charging stations. You can learn the different types and costs involved in establishing an EVSE at a particular location.

Handling your EV charging station Google My Business listings

Whether you’re an owner or an agency staffer who’s been tasked with promoting a fleet of EV charging stations online, having a presence in Google’s local search results. Things like local packs, local finders, Google Business Profiles, and Google Maps, should be core to your digital strategy. To start on these you’ll first need to create your business title. According to the guidelines, Google wouldn’t want listings entitled “Shell Gas Station” or “EVgo Charging Station”, any more than they’d want “McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurant” or “Macy’s Department Store”. To stay safe on Google’s guidelines you must use real-world brands in titles. Keywording is essential, adhere to the guidelines but do keep in mind that your business title should be free of other extraneous information like location information, or adjectives like “cheapest” or “best”.

Lastly, you should enlist the address and phone number of your EV charging station. These will allow potential prospects and clients to both inquire and enlist your services. Operation hours should be included on your business listing for your charging station, as well as defining the category of your business so you should set your primary category as “Electric vehicle charging station”.

Targeting keywords

The EV charging station business is one that continues to grow as more drivers switch to electric vehicles. Whether you own your own charging station or contract with a contractor, it\’s important to target keywords related to this industry to grow your business. You need to create a reputation for yourself as an EV charging station supplier. Writing informative articles about your services is important for building a brand. Ensure you include relevant EV keywords in your articles, as these will show up in Google\’s search results.

Google Trends is an excellent tool to track interest in EV charging stations and the locations of charging stations. You can also track trends by region to localize your marketing efforts. For example, you can use the COVID-19 pandemic as a data point to determine how much interest there is in your area.

Once your location is identified, it\’s time to target local consumers. Typically, EV charging stations are located in parking lots of busy public spaces. This is an easy way to draw in local customers. Moreover, if your charging station is in a strip mall, you can list your station on the listing for that location.

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